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Gut health

The microbiome and Top 5 habits & herbs for optimal digestive system performance.

Small steps can bring big results if it is done consistently.

I am a working mom who loves meaningful conversations. A recent conversation with my yoga instructor, Tiffany, reminded me of the 3 pillars of well-being – the mind, mind, and spirit.  It’s the little things that we do and the food that we eat (in relation to gut health) that determine how happy we can live our lives.  Tiffany is a holistic wellness practitioner, naturopathic doctor and nutritionist who has helped thousands of yogi moms like me, in our journey for wellness. 

May our conversation spark in you the interest for a holistic approach to wellness as much as it did to me.

Table of Content

1. Common gut health issues and top 5 habits and herbs to overcome.
2. Concerns of working moms, people over 40, those who like to improve their gut flora. 
In this post we will talk about how our daily habits affect our overall health. We will also discuss the most common concerns, and questions consumers ask about gut health issues to help you see what pros and cons before we choose the best fit for us.

Trinity of well-being

It was another great yoga practice and Tiffany and I had time to spare for some girl talk. 

Tiffany: Hi Maria. It’s nice doing yoga with you as always. I am impressed with your dedication to yoga despite your busy schedule. 

Me: I enjoy doing yoga. It’s my idea of an ultimate workout because it stretches my body, clear my mind and makes me forget my worries.   

Tiffany:  I’m glad about how much you appreciate yoga.  It’s really a holistic approach to overall wellness. It proves that you don’t need a complicated diet and expensive exercise machines to be healthy and fit.  You just need to ensure that you do not stress your body and mind, and be careful with what you eat. 

Me: I remember you teaching us the 3 pillars of wellbeing – body, mind and spirit. 

Tiffany:  Exactly. One cannot be well if the other two are not okey. It’s a trinity and they have to be balanced.    

Me:  That is why I take yoga seriously. It’s help me keep my sanity when I have to juggle my responsibilities at work, with my family and to myself. 

Tiffany: Do you know what else is yoga good for?

Me:  I’m intrigued. Tell me. 

Tiffany: Yoga is also good for gut health. For the digestive system. 

Me: I guess.  Since yoga is all about movement and the digestive system is also about moving food into the gut and out of the body. 

Tiffany: And gut health is a important as any other aspects of your wellness, especially when you’re reaching the age of 40 when bodily functions are kind of slowing down. 

Me:  I agree.  It’s like your skin that needs more collagen support, your gut also needs an extra boost for it to do its functions.  

Tiffany: I’m glad that you got that skin and gut connection. Here’s another interesting connection. 

Me: What is that?

Tiffany: The gut-immune system connection.  According to Certified Master Herbalist Adrienn Zsamar in her book “Small Steps Big Results”, 80% of our immune tissues are in gut.

Me:  That means, a healthy gut result to a stronger immune system. 

Tiffany: Right! You’re catching up fast. 

Me: Please tell me more. How do I maintain a healthy gut?

Tiffany:  Before I do that, let me tell you first what is there in your gut that supports digestion. 

Me:  Yes please. I’ve always been curious about what happens in the gut that promotes healthy digestion but I never actually got around to doing research. 

The microbiome

Tiffany: Let me introduce you to the microbiome, or simply put, the bacteria or microbes that live in your digestive system. Along with the nerves, hormones, bacteria, blood, and the organs of your digestive system, the biomes digest the food and liquid that you eat or drink every day.

Me: I have always thought the bacteria are bad. Now, I realize that the microbiome is good bacteria.

Tiffany: Right again. In the same book, Adrienne said that the better you will feed your microbiota or the collection of microbiomes in your body, the better health, mood, brain, and body function you will achieve.

Me: I have always wondered what will happen if one has bad gut health. 

Tiffany:  Bad gut health will result in many health issues.

Frequent dehydration, bloating, acid reflux and constipation are just few of the many effects result from poor digestive system.  Studies show that an imbalanced microbiome also result in chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. 

Me: I have always known that healthy digestion provides bloating relief and gas relief but I did not realize unhealth digestion has more serious effects on health. 

Tiffany:  Overall health is only achieved when all bodily systems are properly working together. 

Me:  That leads me back to my question how do I maintain gut health?

4 ingredients of healthy gut

Tiffany: In the same book “Small Steps Big Results”, Adrienne enumerated the 4 ingredients to healthy digestion which are resistant starch, fiber, general detoxing and alkalinity. 

Me: I understand that the presence of fiber the gut help moves the toxins in the gut and out of the body. I also know that eating certain food and hydrating yourself will detox your gut, cleanse your liver and aid colon functions.  But I am not familiar with resistant starch and alkalinity. 

Tiffany:  Simply put, resistant starch are carbohydrates in the diets that are not digested by our body. Studies show that resistant starch can have powerful health benefits that includes improved insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels, reduced appetite and various benefits for digestion.

Me: What about alkalinity?

Tiffany: An alkaline diet is heavy on certain vegetables and fruits, drinking lots of water, and reducing intake of sugar, alcohol, and non-vegetarian food.  Certain vegetables, fruits and nuts that have high pH levels can help you maintain a healthy gut.

Me:  It all boils down to healthy diet.  Are there specific herbs that are good for healthy digestion?

Tiffany:  I’m glad you asked.  Among other herbs, triphala, moringa, dandelion, turmeric and black pepper are excellent for gastrointestinal wellness. 

Me: What if these herbs are not readily available? Are there any alternatives?

Tiffany:  There are herbal supplements and probiotic alternative that balance your gut bacteria and boost digestive tract wellness. Just make sure that these supplements the 5 herbs that I mentioned earlier. 

Me:  Thank you for sharing all this information about gut health and tract wellness.  It’s one thing that I must consider in my diet from now on. 

Frequently Asked Questions about gut health

How do I get a healthy gut?

A healthy gut needs a diverse microbiome in it.  Good bacteria healthy needs to be fed a variety of fiber, fermentation, and foods that are rich in nutrients. 

What should I eat to support a healthy gut?

Ear fiber rich foods such fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, lentils and beans. Experts suggest a daily intake of at least 25-30 grams of fiber to reduce the risk of constipation, diverticular disease, hemorrhoids and bowel cancer.

What are probiotics and should I be taking them?

Probiotics are the live “good” bacteria found naturally in our gut, as well as in certain foods, drinks, and supplements. When taken in adequate amounts, probiotics promote gut health, maintain cholesterol level, boost the immune system, and improve digestion. 

How can exercise impact my gut health?

Studies by University of Illinois found that exercise alone, independent of diet, transforms the microbiome of your gut in just 6 weeks!

Top 5 questions to ask before purchasing

1. Consider the dosage and potency of the active ingredients such as triphala, moringa, dandelion, turmeric and black pepper and whether they are present in sufficient amounts to produce the desired effects.

2. Check the storage and expiration information of the food supplement to ensure that the supplement is still effective and safe to consume. 

3. Choose high-quality supplements such as those produced by certified herbalists to reduce the risk of adverse effects on the body. 

4. Consult with a healthcare professional before taking any new supplement, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are taking other medications.

5. Be mindful of potential side effects of the food supplement on your body, and whenever possible, choose products that are all natural and organic.


Gut health is as important as any aspect of our overall wellness. It may not be a popular conversation topic among working moms compared to skin-aging or skincare, but it is something that we should think about especially if we are reaching our 40s.  
Above all, a balanced life is a result of a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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