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Mega Power


The best defense is MEGA DEFENSE.

Created for peak performance and overall wellness powered by nature's superherbs.

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TMPE-3 Bottle Special

3 Powerful Pillars + Premium Nutrition

Turmeric has a magical brain protective properties. It can save the aging brain from dementia and premature death. Potent anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-oxidative, neurorestorative.

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Ginseng is a powerful ADAPTOGEN, strenthens your body, reduces your daily stress and increases your stamina.

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Olive Leaf is the natural treatment of diabetes, kills bacteria and fungi. Support your heart and makes your skin glow!

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Black pepper(piper nigrum). Extrem Power of absorption of nutrients. It speeds up your immune sytem and digestion to get its' essentials(vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino-acids) to heal.

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This bodyguard never sleeps.

Modern lifestyle can be a real energy and nutrition drainer. Never-ending list of