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around the clock  

Peace & Happiness Every Day!

Created for total body and mind optimization with the most powerful ingredients in history.

Daily Serenity Kit

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Peace and Happiness Around the Clock

Daily Serenity Kit includes: 

1 bottle of Peaceful Mind - stress relief and mood enhancement.

1 Bottle of Sweet Dreams- sleep aid supplement.

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Peace & Happiness During the day

Refreshing Quality Sleep at night!


Daily Serenity Kit will give you the extraordinary care what you deserve to maintain good mood and healthy living on daily basis.

Powerful Duo for Perfect Mindfulness

PEACEFUL MIND -  the peace & bliss creator 

Stress Is The #1 Cause of 90 % of Health related Conditions

America's #1 Health Problem 




Turmeric, Ginseng, Black Pepper will optimize your mind and body, restore overall balance! Peaceful Mind will help you socialize with ease, remain relaxed, or act positive. We combined high quality, natural mood enhancers, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and energy-supporting adaptogens and nervines to help sharpen your mind and improve your positive energy throughout the day.
PEACEFUL MIND will create ZEN MOMENTS with your calmest, brightest, highest-performing self daily.


Peaceful Mind protect and uplift mental health-16 fast acting herbs will help restore overall balance and strengthen the functioning of your body as a whole without impacting the balance of any individual organ or bodily system.

Peaceful Mind is THE ZEN MOMENT that last through the day, EVERY DAY!

Promotes Immune &Energy boost, fit brain, stress relief, adrenal support, mood enhancement, hormone balance, premium nutrition naturally.

Peaceful Mind will ease your days, uplift your mood and will make you

feel good again!

A formula that protects mental health, reverse harmful brain changes and combats chronic stress and depression effectively. Turmeric, Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola Rosea, Valerian, Chamomile help naturally CALM, SOOTH AND TONE YOUR NERVE SYSTEM.


Jujube, Turmeric, Hawthorn, Ginger, Vervain, Black Cohosh are potent supplies of several antioxidants and packed with nutrition naturally. Antioxidants help repair and restrain cell damage, and reduce harmful oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. You will have peace of mind knowing that you’ve got your essential self care and premium nutrition support.


Nervines protect and nourish your nervous system-mistletoe, hops, hawthorn, chamomile, valerian will help you stay focused and be present in your beloved ones life.adaptogens - ashwagandha, american ginseng, rhodiola rosea, ginger, nutmeg can be invaluable allies for coping with the normal day-to-day aggravations of life: work pressures, family responsibilities, financial worries, seasonal mood slumps, over-reliance on caffeine. Whether your nervous tension results in intermittent minor aches, occasional melancholy, or the odd sleepless night, these herbs can help you find relaxation and calm to enjoy normal and healthful cycles of activity and rest. This formula is the perfect natural solution with organic ingredients and non-habit forming.



one of a kind ingredient blend stands out on the market!

It combines Eastern and Western Medicine to maximize total body relaxation. Dragon bone, does this by opening up the heart and liver meridians, stabilizing mood. It can be used as a mild sedative to reduce stress, anxiety, irritability and acute anger and can be helpful in cases of insomnia, tension. Its main functions are to calm the spirit (or shen), heart and liver, and to prevent fluid loss. OYSTER SHELLS packed with nutrition, vitamins A, E, and C, zinc, iron, calcium, selenium, and vitamin B12 as well as great energy boosters. 

1 in 3 adults don't get enough sleep

SWEET DREAMS -  the ultimate beauty slumber


How Sweet Dreams Renews You?


15 fast acting herbs that help the body easily transition in to a restful sleep state. Sweet Dreams has all essential vitamins, minerals, amino-acids for complete mind and muscle relaxation, it supports healthy sleep patterns and promotes a restful state for bedtime. You will wake up refreshed every morning! Quality matters: Our expert-formulated sleeping complex is proudly NON-GMO, lab-tested and made with love in a GMP and FDA certified facility.



Sweet Dreams is a nutrition powerhouse and body and mind repair blend made out of scientifically backed ingredients that are safe and non-habit forming. Skullcap, ginseng, lemon balm, ashwagandha are nature’s finest nervines, superb nourishers of the brain, antidepressants and improve focus and memory. Sweet Dreams will make sure that the “fuzzy head” effect is in the past.


Full spectrum mind and body repair herbs like, Blue Skullcap, Chamomile, Valerian promote relaxation and release you from normal anxiety. This herbal blend supports your health from the inside. You will get your smile and productivity back!



this formula is one of a kind on the market, it is designed for total mind, body, emotional and spiritual optimization powered by mother nature’s healing and premium herbs and spices. Sweet Dreams will make you feel renewed, refreshed and happy again! Love it or your money back!

Daily Serenity Kit - Peaceful Mind & Sweet Dreams

Supports Healthy Mind and Quality Rest

Suggested Use: As dietary supplement take 1-2 capsules of Peaceful mind in the morning a day preferable with meal or water.

Top 5 Benefits

  • Optimized Body And Mind
  • Advanced Nutritional Support
  • Energy Boost
  • Enhanced Cognitive Performance
  • Mood Enhancement

We truly care about your best outcome!

Here are couple tips on how to get faster and more effective results.

1.Choosing the right supplement is crucial. You got that covered by choosing Herbalist’s Best product which is NO fillers, binders, preservatives, additives! There is a BUT, since the majority of supplements on the market uses additives, which can dramatically reduce the effectiveness, the bioavailability of raw materials and on the top of that can even leave residue in your body which will make harder to get rid of or even build up toxins in your body. Please make sure all the other supplements you are taking has NO additives in it, your body will reward you for it! *Note: Stearates found in supplements are hydrogenated fats such as magnesium stearate, stearic acid, and calcium stearate. In a published study, the percent dissolution of capsules after 20 minutes in solution went from 90% to 25% with stearates. Stearates coat every particle of the nutrients and decrease the absorption of nutrients!

2.NOT EVERYTHING IS EQUAL. Most of the Probiotics on the market does not work, yet people are spending so much money on supplements like that. Why not trust Nature instead to fix the issue for you?

Herbalist’s Best takes the ultimate approach and provide a solution to everyone by trusting the expertise of Mother Nature with billions of years of experience. We trust the ULTIMATE HEALER. Nature has a solution for everyone and for everything and all its plants, herbs and spices have the diversity of individual DNA and the evolution coded in the formula. What can be better than that? Most of the probiotic supplements are the blend of man’s creature which takes the approach of treating one symptom with a lot of unknown “black holes”, which not surprisingly, might work for someone but mostly does not work for everyone. The most effective natural probiotic has proven over the centuries. Sauerkraut! BUT, most sauerkraut sold in grocery stores is pasteurized and therefore contains no live probiotics, so read those labels! Best is to create your own! If you add a little cayenne pepper to it, it can be a great metabolism boost and a great fast fix for cold or sore throat issues!

 3.SLEEP FACING EAST: We are part of the bigger system, the eco-system of planet Earth influences us more then we can think of. Changes in moon phrases, ocean currents, magnetic field of the earth, north pole and south pole has a huge pulling effect on us. We are influenced by it every day. Full moon, even a stormy night can make you feel exhausted. There’s no escaping magnetic fields—they’re all around us. For starters, the Earth itself is like a giant magnet. A spinning ball of liquid iron in our planet’s core generates the vast magnetic field that moves our compass needles around and directs the internal compasses of migrating birds, bats, and other animals. On top of that, ever-industrious humans have produced artificial magnetic fields with power lines, transport systems, electrical appliances, and medical equipment. The threshold at which the human body shows a physiological response to a magnetic field. According to Alexandre Legros, a medical biophysicist at the Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University in London, Ontario and a UTIC scientist, the smallest magnetic field that has reliably been shown to trigger a response in humans is around 10,000 to 20,000 microtesla. If any human ever got close to a magnetar, they would quickly find themselves in dire straits. “Strong magnetic fields can start to do surprising things. “The first thing you would notice is your entire nervous system, which is based on electrical charges moving throughout your body, is going to stop working, and then you basically dissolve. ”The magnetic fields associated with MRI and TMS are the strongest that a human might realistically be exposed to. Still, they are “hilariously puny” compared to those found beyond our planet, says Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist at Ohio State University and chief scientist at the COSI Science Center in Columbus, Ohio. As you see this effect is not to be taken lightly. Translate this into our daily living we will try to simplify for easier understanding. Our body is 80% water and it moves around in our body with the magnetic fields. When you lay in your bed facing north, towards the north pole, the magnetic field pulls lots of blood into your brain which will result you not to sleep well, top of this is very dangerous to our body health, it can cause even death over time, read the explanation of high volume magnetic effect above. (facing north in North America, the opposite is true for south pole and south America). That is why it is very important to sleep facing EAST, in this way your body aligns the natural flow of Earth's eco system, which support healthy sleep and body functions. Every smart phone has compass built in, make sure you turn your bed and your beloved ones bed facing EAST tonight!