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Know Your Data


"Knowing Others Is Intelligence. Knowing Yourself Is True Wisdom. Mastering Others Is Strengths; Mastering Yourself Is True Power."




What you need to know

Self Diagnosis

We take so much time and effort to make our house safe, looking for the safest alarm system, reading reviews and manuals on safe and practical appliances for the kitchen, backyard, pool, for every little thing what makes us feel safe and well taken care but the majority of us we do not do this with our body. We take our body for granted. How often we go an have a massage which is vital for long term well being for our muscles, we prefer to take some pain killers as the fast and cheaper solution and most likely less effort and time consuming. We need to learn to respect our body and pamper it time to time.

We take so much time to gather datas to reach our goals, even pay an accountant to do all that calculation and provide us all the up to date numbers and datas, how about our body? We usually go to the doctor when we are sick and get our blood tested, take our blood pressure and temperature, our weight, but do we know what are our regular measurements and values so we can compare to those values?

I bet none of us do that and we are upset with our doctors if they do not give us the right medicine at the first visit?

Doctors makes assumptions based on general datas. We forget the fact that we are all unique and there is no two 100% identical being not even identical twins have the exact same values. We are all different and unique being.

Know Your Data

If we would have a a data of our our optimal health state in hand, up to date that could safe you a lot of doctor visits, and you will be catching any misfunction or signal of your body at early stage which could stop you for getting sick more seriously and have so much less pain to suffer from! I would suggest you to start your own data tracking now. Best to have a notepad or digital note in your phone for your optimal body datas and for your children as well. Most importantly pay attention to your body and listen to your body, it always send you messages, whenever something wrong or something is great as well. You know the best how you feel when you are sick and how you feel when you are happy and energetic.

What are those datas we would need to know?

Body temperature:

As everything varies by location, environmental temperature, the way of you dressed, by gender, by age, and by nation, but you have only one optimal body temperature which should be measured.

Blood work:

From a general blood test you can find out a lot about your body. It is changing everytime just like everything else is in your body in constant move. It can give you general idea about what needs correction and it usually shows results. If you want to be precise you would need to do your blood work once a week for an extend period of time to see how much your value changes based on the diet, the activity level, stress input on.

Body PH:

There are PH strips you can get from any health food stores which will help you to keep track of your urine PH. 

Why is it important to know how your are functioning?

Get your annual checking done regularly. In most cases we tend to go to the doctor only when we feel sick, you need to test and know your body datas not just when it sick but very important to know your body temperature, your ph, your energy level, vitamin and mineral intake and effeciency when you are feeling good than you have great datas in your hand to compare.

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