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Know Herbs


"Herbs are gifts from Earth."

Herbs are natural healers and natural medicines. The realm of herbal embraces ancient wisdom, pays gratitude to the teachings, knowledge, discoveries and passions that our elders have transmitted to us.


Introduction To Herbal Healing

#1 Herbs are gift from the Earth!

They are natural healers and natural medicines. The realm of herbal healing embraces ancient wisdom, pays gratitude to the teachings, knowledge, discoveries and passions that our elders have trasmitted to us.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where most of our cultures have forgotten about the tradtional practices and words of our greatgrandparents and grandparents. In a time when we know more names of prescription drugs than of plants, we need more natural remedies more than ever.

#2 For more than 5000 years people have used various plant based medicinal preparations to treat health disorders .

Herbal pioneers recognized that humans are not mere tenders of the natural world, but are an integral part of it and the natural world is an intergrated part of us. Sadly modern approaches has ignored the brilliance and practicality of early herbalists and have discounted their contributions to both herbal and traditional medicine.

Through a basic process of experiementation these incredible pioneers began to collect and record their knowledge and remedies. Then they handed them down to the next generations.

Herbal practices has not always been the practice we think of today.

Rather it was hands on remedy making, based on healing practices not limited by defenitions or by govermental regulations. Its history tightly intertwined with ancient medicine, modern medicine and midwifery practices throughout the ages and it existed in almost all cultures of the world.

Many of the first herbalists were women, mothers and midwives.

#3 Herbal medicine was the people’s medicine.

Using herbs safely: Simple treatments like drinking few cups of herbal teas a day, can produce amazing results. Not surprisingly, these simple remedies were more successful while any antibiotics, steroid treatments and other drugs have failed to do their job.

#4 Herbal remedies has stood the test of time.

The World Health Organization recently estimated that more than 80 % of world’s population relies on herbal medicines for some portion of it’s primary health care.

In many parts of Europe herbs are blended and compounded in the apothecary where prescription medicines are also sold. In USA, public has become more and more dissatisfied with the cost of drugs, quastionable safety and lack of effectiveness of prescrition medications. This disappointment combined with increasing interest of returning to natural remedies, has led to a phenomenal resurgence in the use of herbal medicines. Herbalism is readily available to all who choose to use it.

Indeed, alternative therapies represent one of the fastest growing sectors of American health care.

Because herbs are considered “food” and “supplements” according to United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), herbs and herbal products can be virtually found everywhere- at drugstores, natural food stores, gas stations, online markets. It’s ease on availability can backfire if you do not know the quality or the content of what you are buying or you do not know how to administer it.

#5 You are in charge of your own health.

  We advise everyone to consult their physician or health-care practitioner before changing treatments, including taking any dietary supplements, herbal sulutions for the first time.



Learn more about various herbs and their benefits. Knowledge is power. Nature provides solution for everything we just need to know where to find it and how to use it. We have put together the most popular herbs in history and their wide arrays of benefits on health improvements.



Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf


Siberian Ginseng

Black Pepper



Yellow Dock



Trust Mother Nature Healing And Let Your Body Renew Itself - Herbs are your health warriors and they will fight your battles for you!

(R)Evolutionary Power

What Are The Best Outcomes of Herbal Living?





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